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Heatless Curling Rod

Heatless Curling Rod

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Heatless Curls

Our Heatless Curling Rod is the perfect way to create beautiful curls without the heat. The rods are designed to easily shape your hair without the use of heat, giving you a salon-quality look without the damaging heat of other styling tools. Enjoy soft and natural curls with every use.

Heatless: A new way of curling your hair without putting heat in your hair and to avoid potential damage.

Durable: Made of foam and cloth, wear-resistant, can be reused for many times.

Allows you to do your hair style easily, no heat, no damage to your hair. Before going to bed, use the pintail comb to separate a small strand of slightly hair, wrap it on the rods, then use the rubber band to fix it.

Suitable for various occasions, including birthdays, parties, or daily use for curling hair. 

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