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Mobile Folding Trolley

Mobile Folding Trolley

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Multi use Collapsible Cart

The innovative mobile transport cart  is versatile and can be put into use in the private as well as commercial sector. It is particularly well suited for transport in the service area, for shopping, for the transport of goods, for technicians and dealers or in the internal circulation of mail.

The Mobile Folding Trolley is an ideal solution for those who need a collapsible cart to easily transport goods and supplies. It's cleverly designed, allowing it to conveniently fold away for storage and easy access. 

Packing: You can transport commercial collapsible boxes, beverage crates and much more. Load Capacity is 165 Lbs. Regardless whether in a hotel, for shopping, for catering, in the warehouse or in the food service business: Endless possibilities at the touch of a button.

Brake: Safe loading and unloading with the locking device. This trolley is made of durable materials to ensure longevity and reliability.

Firm Standing: Stand firm in the locked position thanks to the support stands. A sturdy aluminum  and plastic construction with maximum stability.

Secure Hold: Securing straps are attached to secure the collapsible box. Accidental rolling away is prevented by activating the parking brake. Transport via stairs is made possible by its freestanding wheels. The wheels can be removed with a few easy steps, and stored in the base platform to save space.

Collapsible: Fold and unfold within 2 seconds by simply pushing a button.


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