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Turbo Jet-X Fan

Turbo Jet-X Fan

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Unparalleled Airflow 110,000 RPM

Imagine a world where one tool handles it all, Meet our Powerful Blower with High Speed Duct Fan - your ultimate companion for a variety of tasks.

Quick Hair Styling: Rushed mornings are no match for this blower. With its mighty 110,000 RPM, it dries and styles your hair in minutes, leaving you looking flawless.

Effortless Dust Cleaning: Say goodbye to tedious dusting. This blower's versatile power swiftly eliminates dust, cobwebs, and debris from every corner, making cleaning a breeze.

Water Dryer Extraordinaire: Spills are inevitable. But with our blower, Strong wind speed of 45m/s they're no problem. It efficiently dries wet surfaces, leaving no trace of moisture behind.

Car Care Simplified: Tired of towel-drying your car? The blower makes it a breeze, with 110,000 RPM ensuring a spotless, streak-free finish.

Perfect Gift: Ladies this makes a great gift for your man, easy barbecue starter, your man will loves this when it comes time for him to start the charcoal. 

Rechargeable: Built-in 2pcs Sony 18650 batteries, 

New turbo motor , Magnetic suction nozzle, directional output of Jet stream, Nylon laser sintered body, Lightweight and portable, 202g only, Press the switch, press to start, release to stop.


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